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At International Collectors Associates, we understand that when it comes to growing profits and safeguarding your wealth, the journey is just as important as the destination. Your worldview must be the guiding force in setting your ultimate goals and determining your strategy for achieving them. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone.

To build a strong financial base and position yourself for maximum profits, it’s imperative you partner with a trusted expert and advisor who not only enjoys a documented track record of success but more importantly, understands your goals and shares your worldview.

International Collectors Associates is not your typical financial services company. And you’re not a typical investor. We get that.

When it comes to building a strong investment portfolio, you’ve never followed the crowd. You already know following the masses is a shortcut to disaster, and ‘mainstream wisdom’ is anything but wise. If you’re going to build profits and safeguard your wealth, you’ve got to stand back and examine the big picture. Read the signs, analyze the trends, and ultimately position your assets and your investments where their profit potential will be maximized while securing your financial future. Fortunately, the experts at McAlvany ICA stand ready to help.

No one understands the big picture like David McAlvany and his personally trained staff at International Collectors Associates. And they’ve got the history to prove it…



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